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cMulti-technology project: 
Development and delivery of parts for industrie  Multi-technology project:
Development and delivery of parts

– Advice provided to select the technological process most adapted to the client’s needs
– Assistance to design or offer of finalized design depending on selected processes, delivery of prototypes
– Production set up and delivery of production parts
– Follow-up throughout the life of the product

Exemple :

All parts are aesthetic.
The following technologies were used to achieve this result:
– 5 axles CNC machining of aluminium block (3 parts)
– CNC turning from aluminium and stainless steel bars (7 parts)
– CNC machining from plastic plate (1 part)
– Plastic injection (1 part)
– Sheet metal cutting , folding , stamping (4 parts)
– Serigraphy and special aesthetic surface treatment
– Laser etching