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 Our activity

Conexma is a technical consultancy company focused on the development and manufacturing of metal and/or plastic parts and mechanical assemblies.
With the help of our international network of reliable and tested partners, we can offer the following manufacturing technologies:

 Aluminium and magnesium alloy casting (lost wax, gravity, low pressure,
high pressure injection)

Metal extrusion
Sheet metal work, cutting, stamping,
CNC machining (machined from billet or casting)
Plastic injection and moulding,
Surface treatment, painting, screen printing, PVD, NCVD, custom solutions.
Assembly (if necessary in a clean room, ISO 6 and ISO 5, with a climatic chamber).
Our technology can be applied just as well for prototyping as for mass production.

The majority of our partners are ISO 9001 and/or EN 9100 certified.
After analysing our customers’ needs, we will offer the most appropriate solution in terms of cost and technology.

We subsequently provide support throughout the product lifecycle, from the development phase through to end of life.