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conexma usinage et decoupage de piéces pour l'industrie  CNC Machining            

For prototypes, small and medium size batches, all types of metallic and plastic materials

Available machines and services:

    –  CNC Machining centres, 4 or 5 axles (vertical or horizontal spindle)

    –  Multi-axis CNC turning and traditional turning,

    –  Grinding ( centreless, between centre, surface)

    –  Deep hole driller

    –  Lapping , honing,

    –  Marking,

    –  Mounting,

    –  Mounting in clean room ( ISO 5 or ISO 6),

    –  Test in climatic room , also under vacuum,

    –  3D measuring.

Example of the photo:

Machined parts from magnesium alloy block made on CNC 5 axles centre; surface treatment/painting; assembly of thread inserts